Sunday, August 19, 2007

coke, dr. pepper, but no haterade

coke, dr. pepper, but no haterade

in spite of this massive studio cleanup, you won't find me sipping haterade. oh no. but i will be thanking God for the goddesses at sterlite. their plastic bins have saved my life. i was up at 3:30, due to a certain puppy who is now asleep. but, of course.

no sink yet. the plumber called & rescheduled due to all of the postponed jobs because of the rain. we had 7.5" inches the other day. seattle has nuttin on us. more is slated for tomorrow & the rest of this week, so i have to get my heiney into high gear and do the yardwork before the next storm, weatherproof my studio doors and keep plugging away at this organization.

before & afters will hopefully be posted tomorrow. *squeak*
the song of the day is bob schneider's "ready, let's roll"!


~S said...

Don't you just love the sleep schedule you get placed on when you bring new furrballs into the family. It always takes at least a month before everything settles. I see your Sterlite and raise you a Rubbermaid and Closetmaid container. Happy cleaning!

Keely Bush said...

Hey Sweetie! If you get too much more rain, you may have to crawl in a Sterlite container to keep dry!!! [grin]

Andie Ferguson said...

My lovely lovely crafty gal...I have coveted your work for years, ever since I discovered you on the pages of Victoria magazine! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! I too am beholden unto Goddesses of Plastic Storage, even unto those divine Ziploc divas! lol (So my secret's out now...I've been on my own purge-fest of MONUMENTAL proportions! ;0) )
An awed admirer,

fiwa said...

I'm ready for the before & afters! I NEED that inspiration.

I keep telling you we don't get that much rain here. ;)

Stay dry & I hope you got your sink by now...