Thursday, August 16, 2007

'shrooms with a view


1) new barrettes are making me smile this morning.

2) "unless i see a shark or whale go flying by, i'm good," (said matt sandlin of amarillo, who was on a beach near corpus christi with his family on wednesday as the wind whipped up and the horizon darkened with clouds. --yahoo news)
this is why i love texans. hurricane erin hit texas this morning. it is storming in the most major way and i don't have to get in the car all day.

3) a reminder to make the time to go dumpster diving!

4) don't faint with me, but my tileguy came & went this morning. misterplumberman puts in my bathroom sink tomorrow afternoon. whooooooohoooo!

5) studiocleanup is progressing. i see the floor and have one work table & my desk cleaned off. hopefully, by sunday, it will be complete. shine the light cuz i am going back in.


diane said...

~those are just the cutest things~they made me smile also.

Rebecca said...

very cute hair clasps.

nikkipolani said...

Hurray on the bathroom progress! That is a smile-maker if nothing else :-)

fiwa said...

I love the orange cherry bombs.
They showed some of the flooding on our news this morning, looks like it was terrible! I'm glad you didn't have to get out in it.

Hooray for the tileguy & misterplumberman!

~S said...

Send Erin our way, we could SO use the rain. I guess if Dean makes it your way, point a sign in our direction. Pu-lease!

Love the barrets. They made me smile this morning.

Anonymous said...

Tile guy and plumber guy back to back!!!!!!

*keeping my fingers crossed for you that the plumber shows today*

Stay dry, stay safe.


fiwa said...

Hey! You puy music on your site! I never realized it till today because I keep my compuer at work on mute. I like it.

I'll get to the good reads thing soon, I promise.

tsdumont said...

a grrrrrrrl after my on heart! i rock the baby barrettes tooooo!! *grin* oooh i have quite the collection. *grin*

and i LOVE the music your spinning!
look good in leather! good *hot* stuff!! *smirk*


Keely said...

I feel like dancin'!!! [grin]