Saturday, August 25, 2007

que sera, sera

this apron was definitely inspired by doris day in all of her queseraseraness.

the summer is almost officially over. school starts back up on monday and i could so live in eternal summermode, the land of no homework or school projects, no obsession with time and no jetting to and fro.

today, i am continuing the laborious studio cleanup (as well as the house cleanup to ready for monday) and i don't think i realized the degree of fracture of order and came so close to giving up this week. this is where the chaos had been shoved since march. it has been one foot in front of the other in here and i see progress so that keeps me going.

this week, i downsized my netflix to just one movie at a time. if you get a chance to rent water, jump at the chance. it was touching and hit me at the right spot at the right time.

this que sera, sera summer was definitely full of restoration and a calm settling of this new life. the saturated time spent with the kids was priceless and i am going to miss them sumthin bad, come monday. this school year is really going to be a great one. v was placed on a great team with fantastic teachers and b will be working hard to graduate early. his wings are making him itch.


fiwa said...

I saw Ms. Day in your boutique - v. please don't eat the daisies. I was mightily tempted.

Keep on fighting the good fight and restoring order. Just think how freaking good it will feel when you are done.

Ps - your kids amaze me, which is a direct reflection on you, mama.

Lisa said...

It's been a great season, Dawn! Great strides have been made in all directions. You've been inspired by those who surround you and, in turn, you've been an inspiration.
As for the stuff that's been squirreled away and ignored, no matter - other things were much more important. If it gets overwhelming, I know an organizer who could lend a hand...

Sis said...

go check your email, girlie -

I have succumbed to temptation...

Keely said...

Ooooooh! Purdy!!! I take it sis will be sporting this around town!?!?! [grin]

When you get done organizing your studio, can you and lisa come and shovel my art supplies out of the basement and get me set up in a studio upstairs? (Never hurts to ask!!! [grin])

Ginni Dee said...

Endless summer would be really feel great.

Of course being a school bus driver, that would mean I'd be out of a job. (Back of my hand on my forehead feigning angst!)

Great tunes!!!

Love ya,