Saturday, July 28, 2007

madame raspberry

madame raspberry

i don't know why i decided to get in front of my camera. maybe, because my hair is finally growing out again and i feel, uh, girlier. reese's quote in legally blonde of "like senior year, but funner!" could be stretched around this feeling. so this came out of my selfportrait, maybe, this will be my rest-of-my-life-filter. if it doesn't scare you, you can chill with me.

i am smelling august which means... the september issue of seventeen magazine! okay, i am dating myself but i remember whitney houston when she hadn't gone all crackho on us yet, when she was a young pure seventeen model. i cannot wait to get this year's issue. growing up in texas, i marveled at the wearing of plaid, woolens and layers in september each year while i was sweating behind my knees. if we wore that in september, we would probably be deemed crackhoesque or on the brink. you could literally (or ear-ily) hear the crunching of the leaves in those delicious photospreads.

this summer was a really good summer. sad in some ways, but happy in so many others. a rebirth, if you will...and the restorative rain couldn't have been placed in a better summer. okay, so my tomatoes sucked, but hell, my roses rocked the casbah. they were whispering 'someone pinch us. we have landed in joisey!'

okay, my sink is still not installed, but greg the tile guy did pour the cement foundation & he did call the other day to say that he hadn't forgotten about me. this summer made me really patient and more fly for a white girl. i officially don't care if i am missing a bathroom sink.

newsflash/confirmation: i have already called 'front seat!' on james mcavoy. just so you know before becoming jane, penelope or atonement come out. his filter might have been those little goat legs in the lion, the witch & the wardrobe or his rory o'sheaness... but i have had my eye on him for awhile.

i have held on to this mantra all summer:
if God will bring you to it,
He will bring you through it.

cheers to a nonworking weekend! i had to work all last weekend & met yesterday's deadline but will pick up another one on monday. we will spend the day with sage tomorrow, so we are all excited about that.

go shake what He gave you, baby.


julie sergel said...

I think of you often. Your picture is tres beau--as are you!
Just so you know, raspberries (on the herbal front) kick butt with female issues. They are especially virile in tightening the uterus! So, maybe, you know, this is part of the plan, and you're smack dab in the middle of you!
Age of Love is so scary--can't take more than first five (seconds--not even minutes)! But, Scott Baio Single and 45 is serious fodder! ( I've had that word in my head all week and finally get to spend it!)
Anyway, you look good, you sound good and all is swell in the world! The yellow rose does grow in Texas!

See ya' round,

tsdumont said...

great pictures making gal!!! *grin*

and i love! love!

your summer mantra! i just wrote it down and i'm going to put it up in my studio! thank you for sharing!

i hope all is just right in your world!


MaryF said...

James McAvoy reminds me of a young Gerard Butler. Have you seen The Last King of Scotland yet?

I ALWAYS loved getting the Seventeen Bible!!! Started when I was about 14.....

Ginni Dee said...

Dawn, you are such a beauty! It's great to see your grin!

I remember 'Seventeen'! Sigh~~


lisa Hoffman said...

I love the Self P, but I must say that you look way younger than that in da flesh, and gorgeous.

Oh Lord, SEVENNTEEN! I STILL buy that sucker even though I'm SEVENTEEN PLUS THIRTY FOUR (crikey...)
Thanks for the heads up, I'm on the lookout for Fall mags now.....
I STILL grieve the hands-changing of the beloved YARDLEY of LONDON who now only distribute soaps. Where are my Slicker Lip Glosses??

nikkipolani said...

Dawn, I hadn't realized/remembered that you'd cut your hair, but it's looking good!

Anonymous said...

i love you girl
xo xo xo

martha said...

I'm 42 and I still buy the September Seventeen...... I pretend it's for my daughter, but now she's 20, reads Nylon, and thinks I'm insane and that I dress like grandma. Oh well....

Anonymous said...

Perty picture!!! And glad to hear the summer has been good for you. I've been having a bit of a rebirth one as well...finally letting go of an old hurtful life and embracing the new happy one O=)

Emily \m/

martha said...

Hey Dawn -- link away to mine (and I'm linkin to you 'kay?I've been reading you daily for awhile now -- you always make me smile ;)

Chandra Thomason said...

Hi there, love your blog! And this girl definitely thinks Brett Michaels is SEXY....I have always liked those Rock n' Roll bad boys!

Rebecca said...

super cool self-portrait. wow. i think i looked froward to seventeen, too. but haven't looked at it in years. but i love winter coming cause i can get out all me sweaters. no plaid though. i think i caught a glimpse of rock of love and was embarassed to see the commercial or maybe the preview of next week, or something? yeah, well, i guess bret was something in his day, but there's nothing sadder than a gracelessly-aging rocker. i was a duran duran fan. those big hair boys were beyond my scope.