Wednesday, July 25, 2007

an evening with john turturro

a little wine and some ink

am on deadline & now into revisions and i sit here working just to get to the above, the official state of bliss...jamjams and a movie, which will be the second disk of the second season of weeds tonight.

1) please visit & bookmark my friend deb has done an amazingly beautiful job on her new site and it will be chocked full of information for us all to live by and add to our lives.

2) if you are a bone thugs -n- harmony fan, you must hiphop&don'tstop to get their latest cd, strength and loyalty. it is fantastic. i was a huge fleetwood mac fan and they remix 'the chain' and it freaking rocks.

3) i had forgotten how wonderful sam rockwell is. he stole the show from the crazygood john turturro in box of moonlight. sam's character reminded me so much of my nephew, oliver, for some reason.

4) if you need a sweet lovestory, rent easy. it made my eyes leak.

5) i had also forgotten how sleep & puppy don't mix. lucy mae the innerearth demon aka 'devil dog' got her first taste of grass this weekend between rainstorms. she melts my heart while picasso & brooklyn give her 'oh, no, you didn't!" looks.

6) we still have rain in the tenday forecast, each and every day. once i get the deadline met, i might fertilize my roses a bit early this summer. this is the first summer ever to get a cone on my shampoo ginger. if you are in love with paul mitchell's awapuhi shampoo, you already know the stuff. by the way, paul mitchell made a guest appearance on the second season of weeds.

7) next tuesday is the last day of summerschool. i so look forward to not having to get out early for an entire month before school starts up in august.

8) i can't wrap my mind around the new elvis reese's with banana creme added to it.

9) is there anyone funnier than kathy griffin? i am sad that this season of my life on the d-list ended last night.


Lisa Hoffman said...

Great lists AS USUAL. Hints, tips and wisdom flow from you like a San Antonio rain day. Tracey's site reminds us that anything that seems big in our lives is really just....well,.....little.

Love this blog.....and your tattoo.

fiwa said...

I will look for Easy - I need an eye leak day.

When you gettin' tat #2 girly?

Stay dry - is there any flooding going on in your area?

lovins -

Keely said...

When are you going to turn tat #1 into a rockin' rubber stamp???

Ginni Dee said...

Love your tat sweetie!

Sleep...puppies?? Surely you jest!!

Banana creme Reese's? Hmmm... sounds... ah, er something that starts with an "I"...intriguing? ...interesting? ...inventive? .... naaaa...ICKY! That's it, ICKY!! But I'll have to try one anyway!

Give Blossom, Lucy Mae, Brooklyn and Picasso a smooch from Rosie 'n me!

Sis said...

We got some of that joyous liquid today as well - but I know I'm not waterlogged like y'all are...

I'm going for Easy, I too need an eye-leak evening!

tsdumont said...

well, look at you with all your cuteness in your new *about me* picture! heeello doll! *wink*

love your blog picture in this post tooo gal!! great ink!

and i have to say i *heart* kathy griffin's life on the d-list toooo! she cracks me up! *grin*

i hope your friday is treating you damn good gal!!!