Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a drunken sailor gettin' his drink on

rangoon creeper
rangoon creeper

rangoon creeper
aka 'drunken sailor'
quisqualis indica

i wish you could smell its heady fragrance. it doesn't smell like any drunken sailor to me, unless that drunken sailor has been getting his drink on at the perfume counter at macy's. this is the kind of stuff that rocks my flipflops.

1) yesterday morning, i was so inspired to clean my fridge out with a toothbrush, every nook and cranny. and yes, i kept opening it up and peeking at it the rest of the day. sometimes, you just have to ride the morning caffeine wave and just do it.

2) ushpizin is a must-see.

3) i cannot believe that i am confessing this...but saturday, sage & carrie came over for the day and the four kids and i had a buffyfest. i blame my girl mary for any billyidol-induced crush on spike and for an uncontrollable urge to sneer/sing 'white wedding' each time he was on screen.

4) nathan's hotdogs are mandatory on the fourth of july. there's no denying it and i will be supplying it.

5) i cannot wait to listen to the beasties new cd, the mix-up.

6) before anyone watches no reservations, please watch the german original, mostly martha. then, you can chase with it some of that sweet aaron eckhart.

7) saturday, i scored four classical cds at an estate sale for a dollahbill each. beethoven & chopin were my childhood homedawgs.

8) i talk to my plants...and sometimes, i even sing to them. every time i prune or just breathe in the abovementioned rangoon creeper, i sing this verse of dr. dre's:
well i'm peepin, and i'm creepin, and i'm creep-in
but i damn near got caught, cause my beeper kept beepin
now its time for me to make my impression felt
so sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt

9) my son is bringing his drummin' back. he had lost the foothold on this passion and i am so happy that he is bringin' it back. the garage will be his designated jamroom.

10) sometimes i wonder if target pumps some sort of highlyaddictive vapors into the air system that makes you want to get your targetfix weekly. if so, that is freaking brill.


MaryF said...

Hey, I found that I DO have season 2 of Buffy - must have gotten it for Mother's Day ;) So I have through season four, and the first season of Angel. Will bring them down later.

I'm an Angel girl myself - all that dark broodiness!

Yay for B getting back into drumming!!!!

Sis said...

I can't believe it, I ALWAYS thought of Idol when I watched Spike -

And White Wedding went through my head the whole day when I married Jack, haha.

Gotta check out your drunken sailor, I might have to get his boat to dock here.

fiwa said...

The condiment slut has been out doing his thang again, I must have another raid.

I love your drunken sailor, he's mighty spiffy lookin. I'm riding on a wave of budleia for the past week. Something about the breeze has been just right and i can smell it in the house all night long! Heaven.

PS - It's in the popcorn at target, I'm sure of it.

Happy 4th!

jackie said...

So Jack and I went to see Ratatouille on Saturday (I'd give it an Oscar) and they showed the preview for "No Reservations".

I was all smug and satisfied with myself because I had seen the original German version thanks to you girlfriend!

I commented to Jack that this version would probably be more sappily romantic but that's okay with me because I'm a sappy romantic and I like em that way!

tsdumont said...

grrrl, I *love* your drunken sailor!!! *grin*

i hope you have a faBulous 4th!


Princess Puddle Stomper said...

I keep telling peeps about "Mostly Martha" as well. I love that movie!!

anne said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn, that creeper is a keeper! Gorgeous photo!

A bird in the hand said...

Now I've got the song What shall we do with the drunken sailor, What shall we do with the drunken sailor, What shall we do with the drunken sailor, earla in the mornin'... stuck in my head. I'm going to go outside and sing it at the top of my lungs....xoxo

Lisa Hoffman said...

*All movies added to queue, thanks for the always right-on reviews.
*when I come back down, you're taking ME to these estate sales
*Kiss to the Drummer. Good.
*Amazing "Spontaneous Poem" (see WAITRESS).
*TARGET? My second home?
*Now that I know you love classical.....
Happy 4th, Beautiful!

Ginni Dee said...

Loved Mostly Martha (also thanks to YOU Dawnie) I will see the remake... your drunken sailor is great...wonder if it would grow in the great white north? Andy would love it (he's the original 'drunken sailor')!!

Happy 4th...enjoy your h.dogs!