Tuesday, June 26, 2007

(w)restling rebar & roses

(w)restling rebar & roses
apparently, this is what i wear when i garden. i was coming back in to get my wiresnips & even surprised myself. and even more apparently, this is what finally gets your children to say "hey, just wait in the car, mom. i will go in and get it for you."

i got two more of my rebar obelisks for my roses made. picture me on a ladder in a thunderstorm with a hammer in my hand. tempting fate? i think yes. but, scratch that off my list. here is one of them.
i also pulled out huge sunflower stalks which were serious miniature trees out of the potager beds and bundled them. note to self: pull sunflowers out early before they grow up to be cowboys.

yesterday will be like today and today will be like tomorrow. clouds, scattered thunderstorms, slivers of sun & blue, wash and repeat. it doesn't get better than this...and this is our tendayforecast.

after you wrestle rebar & roses, demons are mere cupcakes.


Ginni Dee said...

Well, maybe it's because I garden in similar 'eclectic' outfits but I think you look cute as a bug! At least YOU'VE got the youth and beauty to pull it off!! :D

Love the rebar obelisks!! What roses are you growin on 'em??


Anonymous said...

OMG..you look adorable! You've got the hat, the boots and a comfy outfit. What's not to love??

The obelisk is perfection. If it keeps raining you may need to add an addition to the top of that thing. :-)

Your weather is just like ours. I don't think I touched my umbrella for the last 2 years..and now I take it with me every day. Your garden is a marvel with all that green. Great, isn't it!!


Sis said...

Are those riding boots?

Girl, you are so funny! And cute too!

fiwa said...

Move over Nigella!! That's all I'm sayin'. ;)

A bird in the hand said...

You look like the quintessential gardener. Le chic du jardin!


lisa Hoffman said...

Dear God is there NOTHING this woman can't do while looking delicious?

tsdumont said...

grrrrrl, you are to damn cute! *grin* i LOVE your outfit!

Miz Carla said...

wo baby---those boots are just too hawt for that little dress :D

work it doll!

xoxs garden looks as beautiful as evuh!