Thursday, June 28, 2007

like a record, baby


sometimes it pays to have to get a child to summerschool by 8am. you get to see a pod of cars and know deepdown that it is for an estate sale. you get on the list and go back in the rain to wait for the door to open...and you find roundness in its loveliest form.

another english dartboard
a belgian skillet, perfect for a fried egg
a decoupaged tray
a decoupaged film canister
(perfect for an unmentionable vienna fingers stash)
and a chinese tin for other unmentionables

songs of the day: dead or alive's you spin me round chased with garbage's only happy when it rains


Ginni Dee said...

Round...ya gotta love it!

And estate sales are where it's at. Difficult to pass by and why should you?

Love the decoupaged stuff! You did good!

Gin with a grin

deb said...

ah i am gonna have that DoA's song in my head all night...
feeling the urge to acid wash my jeans.

(chinese tin for the 1/2 chinese pug's biscuits!!!)

patty van dorin said...

love the roundness

yesterday my song was "here comes the rain"

fiwa said...

Clarke is jealous of your dartboard. :) *I* love the red tray. & you.

anne said...

Me too - gorgeous red tray! BTW, I got a note from a friend on this cool card illustrated with ink pens. I turned it over and saw your name :-D - And I've moved to wordpress.

A bird in the hand said...

Tins for...unmentionables.

I adore you.