Sunday, June 24, 2007

the color orange

the color, taste and scent of orange has been on my brain all week, for many reasons. this fungus amongus grows in the decaying bench in the potager. it even dries to a brilliant color. this crocosmia always makes me happy. my pride of barbados is blooming in orange, too...but every photo i take of it looks like a douche print ad. i need to punch it up & trickify it.

bigger things are on my brain, like bebefur. the month of july will bring two babies to this home. i cannot for the life of me figure out how to link correctly to these photos. debora's photos are amazing. she has singlehandedly made me desire to be a better photographer. anyway, back to bebefur. for almost three months, babygirl has been begging for her lucy mae. almost three months ago, i could not even think of it. needless to say, that we both didn't know who or what lucy mae was. well, here she is... lucy mae and a beautiful siamese kitten that we have already named blossom mcgillicuddy. i don't know who is more excited, the kids or me. this house is ready again for heavy bloomage and love chaos.

1) bigslashnews: i am in heavy lust/like with robert downey, jr. ...yes, still. (oh, and bobby deen, too.) just found out that rdj is married. never ye mind.

2) i freaking love the new white stripes cd. rag and bone is my new official thrifting anthem. speaking of thrift, i need to get my thrift on either today or tomorrow.

3) old dog, new trick: postpone coffee until two hours after waking up on sunday. it turns around and postpones the weekly cleanup by two hours.

4) lattes shared with my kids. priceless. we have a weekly date now. i love that. sometimes, you just have to freaking do it.

5) after housecleanup, i am building two more rose obelisks. one for e. veyrat hermanos and for jude the obscure. a big shoutout to God for all of the rain that we have had. i don't even mind that the lawn needs mowing twice a week. this has been the nicest spring & summer ever. thank You, thank You.


MaryF said...

YAY, kitties!

Fred used to look like RDJ when he was young. Enough that there was a picture of RDJ in TV Guide and the boy thought it was Fred! Have you seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

~S said...

So let's see photos of the kitty. ;-)
Lucy mae is cute,cute,cute. And I love crocosmia. Mom grows several varieties of this. So do you grow Blackberry lillies ( A fav of mine and I think you would love it as well. When you are through with the rain, send it my way! Have an Awesome Week!

tsdumont said...

Ooooh.. that picture will melt your heart! toooooo cute!! *grin*

yay! for new babes!! *)

Sis said...

What a doll, what kind of puppy is Lucy Mae? It's a good think DD already has Zeus or I would be having to hide this from her!

Congrats to VV and all y'all for the new babies. Now, I want to see the Siamese baby! (I had one for 15 years when I was a kid)

Ginni Dee said...

What a precious puppy! And I can't wait to see snaps of your new kitty. There's just something about a Siamese...they are different. Louder, more aloof, but so much individual personality!

Orange! vibrant orange. We saw some Baltimore Orioles while on vacation and that dayglow orange almost hurts your eyes. I love just shouts..."Look at me, aren't I something!!"

Bughugs to you Dawn...and all your babies...human and critter!