Saturday, June 16, 2007

a kiss to being a miss

for years, i have wanted a tat. i almost got one back in the brooklyn days from huggy bear, back in the old 'hood. the artform intrigues me, as does the culture. in my heart, there was nothing more appropriate to have one as a lifemarker for the final close of a beautiful chapter and the opening of another chapter which is destined to be brilliant. i designed this one as a daily reminder to bloom...and i am certain that there will be days that a reminder will be needed. i was inspired by my garden, a vintage plate and the colors of old wallpaper. this tattoo is 3"x5" and on my abdomen, a place where i will see it everyday.

the moment that gilbert the freaking awesome tattoo artist (dude, thank you. you so rock the casbah!.) started working, i knew that i wanted another and have it already designed. so, i will be making & adding more handmades to put in my boutique to sell for my inkfund. (thank you to those of you who have bought from my boutique in the past.) he was concerned that i would be a wuss since the abdomen is such a sensitive area, but dude, i have given birth to three kids and nursed a broken heart. this was a vacation. (and yes, i was working on him to get a blog.) my beyondwonderful kids and i shared this day, this new chapter ahead and this kiss to being a miss.

for all of you gardeners who have officially run out of gardening room , think skin. square inchage is what itz tat.


Lisa Hoffman said...

Amazing woman of courage, spot-on taste and a really, really good eye.
You just keep up-ing the ante. Out on a limb, humming, laughing and tossing rose petals down into the abyss.

That tatt is SO beautiful. Gilbert must be The we like to say:

Lisa H

michelle ward said...

gah! lisa sent a newsflash that said GET OVER TO DAWN's! so i dashed over wondering what all the fuss was....and WOW!!! LOVE that ink girl! good for you - it's beautiful, as is the motive/motivation. high five and double cheek kiss from a fellow inked miss.

A bird in the hand said...

I'm not really partial to tats but I have to admit yours in beautiful. As for your aprons, I've fallen in love. Hope you don't mind but I blogged them. xoxo

Sis said...

you have tickled me to death!

go, MISSy!

Jill said...

Just found your blog. WOW! Love it! And that tatoo...yowZa! Great stuff!

MaryF said...

Wow - that's awesome! I'm so proud of you!

Amysatx said...

Cool Tat!!! Love it love it LOVE IT!!! You go girl!

~S said...

That's a beautiful tat that you designed. Enjoy it.

Ginni Dee said...

Dawn, I love it! It's YOU!! Great design and great idea. Closure followed closely by a new beginning. Inspiring!

Love ya girl,

tiffany renfrow said...

ooooooo gurl....whatcha momma gonna say? !

Anonymous said...

you rock my socks

karenleigh said...

That is the most elegant tattoo I've ever seen. I so admire you!


tsdumont said...

dawn, your new tattoo is faBulous gal!

here is to new lifemarks! and juicy, yummy, beginings!!

**cheers** love!

fiwa said...

I love it. It's beautiful; it's you. Go get you some o' that sexy tat-man!

Oh, and I'm in serious lust for Sarah. I gotta save my pennies and then Imma come knocking for her.

Rebecca said...

that's awesome! wow. i never new tats could look so lovely! what a great artist your inker was!