Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the chronic utilitarian


when i brought these home, i promised babygirl that i would keep them filled. as scary as it could be, i would love to get my chronic jar&type fetish analyzed. oh, dr. dre, where art thou?

1) i wish i had known the man that previously owned these jars. he was my friend's beloved uncle and i know that we would have been as thick as thieves. i bought two pairs of his indian sandals, some plates for the cafe et vin table and two vintage tux shirts which i will sport, come the unhot season (november, for you nontexans).

2) the anticipation of waiting for rain is almost as wonderful as the actual rain itself. i want an unplug-the-computer kind of storm. bring it on.

3) if i didn't need my sturdy car, i would drive either a vintage ranchero or an el camino. something pimpalicious that could hold dirt.

4) i go to bed smiling about the next morning's coffee.

5) parker posey, i adore you. really, i do...but girl, why did you do fay grim? you, too, jeff goldblum. someone, puhlease, take their crackpipes.


Sis said...

I love your quirky self, girl!

The way your mind works is so much fun.

PS - I'm going to get taking the #6 as soon as I have a little xtra moolah - you'll hear from me soon!

MaryF said...

Hey, we got that kind of storm, didn't we?

I would have a Classic Bronco. Or an Impala.

Fay Grim sounds good - it wasn't??

Anonymous said...

I would have snapped up those glass jars in a heart beat, as well.

I love vintage stuff, too. You need to take a pic of those plates you bought for the cafe et vin table, along with the other cool stuff.


Lisa H. said...

Great jars. You are the Treasure Seeker/Finder of the Universe.

I just LOVE your Daily Soundbites of Reality. They make me flat-out happy.

Thanks for the FAYE GRIM tip.That was on my list...oy.

Love to you, Darling San Antonio Girl.


A bird in the hand said...

"unhot season" ahahahaha!! My sister calls it that too. she lives in McKinney, tx.

Great jars!


Ginni Dee said...

Ooo, I wish my doc used Nutter Butters for tongue depressors!! Yummo! I love the jars...and I love even more that you promised VV to keep them full!! Good mama!!

Love ya girlo

anne said...

You find the coolest things, Mizz D. And I love that you knew the owner.

Cheryl said...

just discovered you via your comment on Chris Brown's site - love your jars, ink, and mosaic table

peace out

Scheherazaad said...

Today was the day we had to have final grades in. I am free to be me again and I had to check into your blog first thing. I can always depend on you to give my day a lift. I almost missed the whole month of June. Your new tat is beautiful. Normal people would have just a single rose. You have a whole botanical illustration. Your picnic basket reminds me of the straw market in Montego Bay -- happy memories of hanging out with my grandmother and choosing an embroidered hat or basket. I so love those jars. Who makes those peanut butter cookies? I don't think we have those in Canada.

Rebecca said...

i can totally see why you'd use a nutter butter as a tongue depressor!