Friday, June 15, 2007

in the shadow of prayers

in the shadow of prayers

hardest to unlearn
lean not on understanding
but Light on your path

the past few months have opened my heart up a little. so many things at once, a dodgeball of life, if you will. faith has caught the dodgeball when i was too blind to see it coming, at times. i was in line a few months and looked around at the people in front of me and the people in back of me and the people walking in the door. my life had just tailspinned and i realized that we have no idea what has crossed each other's path before making it to the line, do we?

in a matter of twelve hours, i found out that two of my friends' lives have been touched on a level of trauma by sickness of tumors. this shadowbox is a visual prayer for tracey. may she kick serious ass and take names... and for jon and his precious mother, ginni.

i hope this weekend slows us all down enough to appreciate the taste of coffee, the sound of laughter and the color of blue when these gifts are not even a given, but a unique blessing. open your eyes, slow down and rock out your weekend.


anne said...

I love your quote, Dawn - lean not on understanding. How hard that is.

Sis said...

I'm praying for sweet Gin and Jon too. And for you.

deb said...


:D thank you! can't wait to show this to tracey.

A bird in the hand said...

You're so right, honey. I've been up to my ears lately, but forcing myself to stop and smell the coffee every so often.

Prayers for your friends and big hugs to you. xoxo

Sis said...

thanks for your comment, dawnie

It's because of you that I set off into the modern world of b-l-o-g

You rock and may I add are my hero

Ginni Dee said...

Thanks for the prayers dawn and everyone. Jon and I appreciate it!

Love and bughugs,