Wednesday, June 13, 2007

cafe et vin

the process of the table
my friend linda was getting rid of this table base and offered it to me. i knew that i needed a café et vin table in the pink the little gears started working. i made a pattern for the tabletop and the inner base which keeps it from sliding off of the metal table. i cut them out of plywood and screwed them together. then, the smashing began.
table dos
i had thrifted these plates, specifically for this table. it broke my heart to break the blackish floral illustration plate, but its design will be translated into another form of art that i am saving up for. i love my concrete floor. i can work like this and it gives it patina and character. yeah for concrete, yeah for patina and character from a hammer! i prefer to listen to fiona apple while smashing.table tres
this is a shot of part of the mosaicwork before grouting. i really love doing mosaics and smashing stuff.
table quatro
the finished table turned out great. i saved the edge pieces to make an uneven scallopy edge around the table and i really like it. (and yes, that wall is really THAT pink!) i love my jigsaw so much that i could marry it. hmmm...mrs. jigsaw, it has a nice ring, but i still think mrs. bacon sounds even better.


~S said...

Love the table. I haven't done mosaics in years. We used to make trivets this way with my Mom. :)

jacquelene L. said...

Cool table, gorgeous! It's perfect with your hot pink wall.

Good for you falling in love with the jigsaw, I've been wanting one for a long, long time, maybe for my birthday.

Keep Smiling!
Jacquelene L.
Toronto, Canada

diane said...

Dawn-I love that table! I believe your wheels turn faster than mine. Do you ever feel like your head will blow off with ideas? Mine does....and I love that pink wall! Looks like a cozy room to read a good book....

julie sergel said...

hey girlie,
just checking in to see if there's been any action on your dating scene. i can see, about as much as mine.

either way, you're making much good use of your time. (but, this is how it starts.) (snicker and grin)

either way, waiting for your (date) list to get a buzz cut. heck, before you know it, you'll be down to simply requesting 2 arms, good ears, clean nose...

until then, try yoga. it does WONDERS for calming the mind and just centering you. i'm totally addicted to namaste yoga; hatha.


julie sergel said...

really nice job with the table--couch rocks!--and pink, works.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving those colors you used.

Smashing things with a hammer is good therapy, as is creating a beautiful table.


Amysatx said...

Great table!!! What a good way to get out some aggression!! I love the pink/black color combo!!

MW said...

THAT is the most clever little table, perf in THAT room! stunning! bravo!

anne said...

That is one cool table - and the couch is waaaayy cool!

A bird in the hand said...

oh excellent! I would enjoy the smashing-places therapeutic *grin* xoxo