Tuesday, May 08, 2007

progress in the purple

puttin' on the glitz

i could not find a mirror that i liked in this here city of san antonio...so i reused one of the mirror panels in the original medicine cabinet and made one that was glitzy enough for a purple bathroom this weekend. when i was drilling the holes, i noticed that the mirrors are printed '1955' which is one year before this house was built. i like the fact that the original mirror is in the bathroom.

the cabinet in this bathroom will be in the wall next to the shower which is behind the purple door that you cannot see. yeah, you need another cup of coffee to figure that one out. yesterday found me attaching the wall to studs. no, the cabinets are not installed yet. don't get me started...but rhinestones make me feel better.

progress in the purple


diane said...

Girl, where did you get those rhinestones? I gotta have 'em!
Love the pictures!

Ms. O said...

Love the pictures...please show us more!!!

jacquelene L said...

rhinestones always make a girl feel better. How about a pretty little sparkly chandalier in the purple bathroom. It could be the girls bathroom, an oasis. Sounds like a lovely place to take a long relaxing bubble bath!

Glad the bathrooms are progressing, even if it's in small ways. They will get done.

fiwa said...

Oh, my dear fellow magpie, I do so love your taste in bathroom accoutrements. Love you - fifi.

Anonymous said...

oooooooh, bling for the bath! I love Jac's idea of adding a sparkly chandelier. Oh, and add a chunky candle and watch that candlelight play off the bling.

It's looking great! It's really coming together for you.


Lisa Hoffman said...

Having seen the coolness with my own eyes, I can tell you all that it's BETTER then you can imagine. This house just feels good as well as looking amazing. Getting to finally meet my girl after years of being connected? Priceless. Thank for the wonderful day, you Treasure-of-a-Woman.

A bird in the hand said...

I always say rhinestones are a girl's best friend.

I heard you had a birthday recently...HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, you wonderful you.


Sae Faeri En said...

Hot damn, I love your style!