Sunday, May 13, 2007

the little cactus that could

the little cactus that could

this week has been so full of thinking that my little brain hurts. i believe in signs, nudges and winks from God. i really do. when my littlebaby cactus who is seriously at the most two inches in diameter bloomed her heart out for me. she made me promise to bloom my heart out, too...and i will. this little cactus that could is truly my hero.

yesterday, i pulled out all of the boxes of bath stuff in the hallway that we have been walking around for months and organized it into clear boxes. it was delirium at best. i finally finished around 10 and went to bed promptly after that. clearly, when you live in boxes you must forget what you have or cannot find it and have to buy another.

my dear friend linda brought over a few wonderful things for me, since she & her family are *boo hoo* moving to dallas. san antonio will be officially less cool when they go. so, i piddled with those things and will rock out a grotto that she gifted me with. the grotto belongs here. the paint is the exact color of the house's eaves. her daughter rachel is one of those gifted souls who has more talent in her pinky than you have in your whole body...and i can't wait to see her journey in the artworld, but sadly now further away.

i hung the dartboard in its permanent spot at official height, which is by the way bullseye at 5'8" ...and i can't wait for sage to see the house today. it is really coming together, even though there are buttloads of stuff still left to do. don't hold your breath, but cabinets are getting installed tomorrow. i need to have another cup of coffee and start on the salad for lunch. i can't wait to chill with my babies today.

back to signs,nudges&winks, there has been so many in the past two months, the past week and it makes me feel less alone, more safe and i know without a doubt in capable hands. so, i am just now in bloommode.

happy mother's day to you all...those of you who mother twolegged creatures and those who mother creatures of four.


Val said...

Happy Mother's Day, Dawn. :) And I got a digital camera for my b-day! Stay tuned for pink blooms! :)

Anonymous said...

happy mothers day my love
xo xo xo

MaryF said...

Happy Mother's Day, Dawn!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you dear Dawn. I hope this is the best one yet! You are loved,
JFAP, Denver, Buzz's Mom aka mother of four legged love

fiwa said...

How could anyone look at the luminosity of that bloom, and still doubt. It glows like it's on fire from within.

I know about signs, nudges & winks. Isn't it wonderful to get them, just when you need them the most.

Love you girl. Have a splendarific day with your chilrens.


tsdumont said...

Beautiful* picture gal!

I hope your having a fabulous mother's day!

An YOU keep on bloomin honey! *wink*


Jacquelene said...

Hi Dawn!
I hope you have a beautiful day with your specially wonderful children. Happy Mother's day!

Bloom your beautiful heart out and keep blooming. Your art will bloom and it will enrich all those around you.

Jacquelene L.

Lisa Hoffman said...

Mothers day is almost over, but not for some of us. Take YOU for instance. Those are some lucky Babes and I'm sure that they know it!
Bloom on, Gorgeous. Remember the qoute:
" people love you and we've got your back...."

anne said...

That cactus bloom is fantastic, Dawn. I've been thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Another believer here of winks, nudges and signs! Sometimes you just have to keep your heart and mind open to spot them all, cuz they are out there.

Hope you were treated like a queen on Mother's Day.


julie sergel said...

overly pensive myself lately--must be what drew me to your blog garden!

if life were also to be filled with darts and arrows, this one wins Keen Top Shot to the Heart!