Saturday, May 05, 2007

make like a fern

when i found this fern unfurling, i immediately signed up for unfurling 101. i understand this act and feel like my life is slowly opening up. it is exciting and scary at the same time...but if a fern can be so brave, i should at least try.

yesterday, i deliciously multitasked by accident.

lowes came not to install but to if the cabinets sitting there at the store with my name on them haven't been measured already. uh, hello. when life gives you incompetence, call another fixerman and see if he calls back. i had called my electrician and he actually called back and said he could come over. he installed the light in the purple bathroom. we were living beyond whitetrash for a couple of months. we had to turn on the light in the green bathroom to get light in the purple bathroom. and mr. electricman gave me an outlet in the green bathroom by the mirror where i had suggested it go the first time. enough said.

i am getting the gist of the singleton life. singletons write checks.

anyhoooo, okay. i will admit was my birthday on thursday. some of those forementioned sparks & friends cannot leave well enough alone and they have good memories, to boot. it was wonderful. i got to spend it with my chillens and they made me laugh and smile. seriously, my kids are better than cable. they are in 'those houser kids are all crazy!', not in a bad way, but in a wonderfully warped way. the night before, my almost crazier friends at dance (not that i dance, i just sit and laugh with my friends) had a surprise party for me. cake, signs, flowers that i can plant this weekend, cards, balloons, cake and...cheese. seriously, it doesn't get better than that. i sat there flabbergasted by the effort that annie & julie put into the surprise (not to mention their stinky kids) and just kept spearing fancy toothpicks (actually, it was the same one, but it was my birthday.) into the cheese cubes.

i can't remember if i have mentioned my thing for cheese. back in brooklyn, when we were starving artists (and i mean that quite literally), that was the one thing i craved so badly. sometimes, we couldn't even afford american cheese even by the slice at the deli. there was a cheese shop on 9th street and 7th avenue and seriously, it was nirvana. i love cheese. throw in crackers and fruit and you have the perfect meal. i love cheese. i really do.

back to the multitasking, after the lowes guy just measured, i called my friend lisa back whom i have never seen her eyes in reallife. we worked together almost ten years ago by vibes, creativity, emails and etc. she is in town for her better half's conference. i drove downtown to pick her up and while i am going to get her, the electrician calls to say he will be there in thirty minutes. she is a such a sport and just came home to chill with me while he worked his magic. the hours just flew by. lisa, i adore you.i have known her since her son was my daughter's age now. time measured by children...that kind of measure will blow your mind.

last night, my friend heather called from weeziana. she is the 'forget watching dreamgirls. girlita on the phone is way more interesting!' kind of good... we have known each other for fourteen years, when i only had two boys and babygirl was just a dream.

this weekend's goals:

1) finish ann patchett's the magician's assistant ---the book is incredible.
2) clean up the house for v's friend who comes over tonight
3) reorganize the studio
4) make something, actually somethings
5) thank all of my friends, family & you friends that i don't even know i have yet how freaking badass you really are


Amysatx said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I miss seeing you at Big "G!"

anne said...

How wonderful to have your friends and children around you, Dawn. And you're reorganizing your studio again?

Princess Puddle Stomper said...

Happy Bday, gal!!! I'm super glad to hear it was wonderful!! I have a little something to send your way. :-D

xox~jen! (aka spicada)

mw said...

happy belated!
and so tickled you and lisa
got to real hug.
isn't she the bestest?

diane said...

Dawn....what a beautiful post! I wish you the most best belated birthday ever! .... and I have my finger & toes crossed that both your bathrooms will be up & "running" real soon!

jackie_o said...

Oh Dawn I'm sorry I missed your birthday!
Happy birthday cyber-bud. Somebody in Cleveland loves ya.

Tink said...

Traveled here from Fiwa's...

Happy Birthday! May your big day be blessed with CHEESE. ;)

Scheherazaad said...

A big happy belated birthday from Toronto. Your kids sound crazy wonderful. I'm sure those apples didn't fall far from the tree.

MaryF said...

Happy belated birthday, fellow Taurus!!! You have the same bday and my SIL!

Rebecca said...

super cool fern unfurling. wish i could take unfurling 101 with you! and hope you have a most excellent birthday tomorrow!