Wednesday, May 02, 2007

smudge of the fingerprint

light at the end of the tunnel

i have been really blessed with friends & sparks and some are both. thank you for all of your positive energy in my life. this is my new old candlestick from monday's estate sale. it needed to come home with me and sit in my unfinished bathroom for a spell. for some reason, this looked like a thank you already.

this morning, i had a netflix offer in my emailbox. a month trial for friends. it isn't a link, but an email that i need to forward to you, if you want to try netflix for a month. i live bareboned, but i cannot give up this small vice & expenditure. $19.46 a month/three movies at a time... i love netflix. if you are at all interested, please let me know and i can forward the offer to you. you can do one movie at a time or up to nine.

this week has found me painting, cleaning, reorganizing and smudging the fingerprint of this house. san antonio is now a rainforest which i would love to thank dubya for, there is always a first. the forecast for the next ten days is delicious. bring it on.

word of the week:
pa·tience (pā'shəns)
the capacity, quality, or fact of being patient.
chiefly british. the game solitaire.
SYNONYMS patience, long-suffering, resignation, forbearance. these nouns denote the capacity to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without complaint. patience emphasizes calmness, self-control, and the willingness or ability to tolerate delay: i.e., chiefly lowes cabinet installers and tileguys, so one can use her bathrooms again and get all of the contents of two bathrooms out of the hallway. enough already.


Jill said...
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Jill said...

sorry, the first post was rambling so i am the "comment deleted" anyway...just wanted you to know i've been thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

None of your pics have ever needed captions or explanations. They speak volumes and are always so eloquent.

That candlestick is fantastic! Good find, Dawn. I hope it draws in those installers from Lowes. :-)


~S said...

Hugs and here's hoping the bathroom project moves on pronto. For me the lack of bathroom or of kitchen would drive me bonkers. I can sleep anywhere. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have you in our lives is a wonderful blessing! Please enjoy your special day to the fullest! We will be thinking of you!

Lots of love!

Annie and Rinnie

A bird in the hand said...

Now THAT is a candlestick. Your photography is lyrical!

julie sergel said...

yes, today is your day and as it draws to an end, i sensed a vigil of paying respects your way--and there you had a candle awaiting!

dawn, you are living art, who produces art, as life, as you breathe!

is that redundant? je ne sais pas! i have a head full 'a sinusitis.

happy birthday babe. and as you hold your candle, we all join you in a moment of silence, while heavenly beings sequester those lowes boys to your rest room--you can have all my patience! ;)

fiwa said...

Happy birthday sweet girl.
Love you!

realityphotography said...

awh, hell....
we have started a birthday box thinking your birthday was the 12th.

happy birthday "dawnhouser" - happy birthday!!!!

mary walmer said...

please send me the netflix link- I promised the kids we'd try it for the summer at least since we live in the STICKS-7 miles from the nearest video rental ! I figure I will save on gas money too!

mary said...

oh geez..almost forgot-AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! mary