Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the fair trade act

the trade of a heart for a bloom

the fair trade of a heart for a bloom was really a nobrainer. i woke up to this which is hopefully just the beginning of my first artichoke bloom. (i am hedging my bet on a thistlelike bloom.) even if this was all there was, it still would be worth the trade...and yes, i shaved my legs for this.

cabinets were finally installed last night. (don't get me started.) today, i need to brainstorm for a counter and backsplash for the niche area in the green bathroom.

on a movienote, i had the pleasure of watching three movies this week that really did it for me....conversations with other women,
little children and stomp the yard. (stepping is my favorite form of dance).


Rebecca said...

that is an artichoke bloom? wow. awesome. i wish i had one to shave my legs for.

Jacquelene L. said...

Hooray! The cabinets are installed, your bathroom sanity can begin, hip hip hooray!

What a glorius bloom, I didn't know artichoke blooms looked like that. They are a member of the thistle family, aren't they, I'm not sure? This is absolutely worth shaving legs for, who wouldn't!

Have a beautiful day!
Jacquelene L.

fiwa said...

Yay - to bathroom cabinet installation!

Man, I have never seen an artichoke in bloom before, that is kewl! I wonder if there is some way you could eat the bloom, like you can squash blossoms?

~S said...

Awesome photo and yea! to being closer to bathroom remodel completion. So what kewl movies are in the cue for this week?

MaryF said...

I didn't know artichokes looked like that, either! And I've only heard of one of those movies!

My favorite blooms are hibiscus. They only bloom the one day, so you better enjoy them or you miss them!

Yay on the cabinets!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm glad you posted that pic, cuz I've never seen one bloom either. What a great color, too.

Congrats on the installation.

Are you having great weather? It's cool and sunny here in Dallas. I am so loving this weather!!!


anne said...

A victory in the cabinet department! Definitely worth a bloom :-)

tsdumont said...

I just saw conversations with other women last night.

I like it alot toooo! *grin*

I love the way they filmed it. All split screened. neat *)