Tuesday, April 17, 2007

crown & diet coke

blush noisette

i have sat down so many times to knit words from a spool of feelings, but i keep dropping the spool and put it off for another time.

another motherbird is nesting this spring, but this time in the protective katy road pink. so far, there are two speckled eggs in there. i hope that being on this side of the garden where miz brooklyn roams will be enough to keep the cats at bay. spring has been amazing and it is still amazing. we have had rain, cool temps and no heat. everything is blooming and already there are baby tomatoes & squash in the potager. the jasmine is blooming in the courtyard, if it can be called a courtyard.

after the past six months of getting used to the idea of uprooting & moving back to new york, the process of downsizing and then to not moving and grabbing hard to those roots again, i think a tall order of stability & normalcy is in order, along with a big slice of summer. oh, and a side of crown of rosebuds. blush noisette is one of those roses that i wish everyone had daily access to in their life. it smells like what we have been programmed to think of when we sputter 'rose'.

i finally got my reading mojo back. am chasing joe hill's the heart-shaped box {he has his daddy's (stephen king) skillz---a very entertaining read} with anne lamott's newest book, grace (eventually). then, on to ann patchett's the magician's assistant.


anne said...

Mmmm! I planted Blush Noisette late last year so it's still tiny, but looking forward to that famous scent. Looking forward to you knitting, Mizz D.

Anonymous said...

That picture is what I have programmed in my mind when someone says "rose"! It's perfection.

I think I will give blush noisette a try and hope I have success with it. You've sold me, Ms. Dawn.

Any, yes...this spring has been glorious. It's fresh, dewy, and cool. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it continues for awhile.


~S said...

Well after our extreme freeze last week I am feeling lucky that my roses have made it through and are blooming. Isn't BN a great rose? I have it in the front yard for all to see along with several others. Spring is the chance for a rebirth and a chance to experience life a new. Have a great week!

fiwa said...

Here's to a hot and glorious summer by the pool with your crew and your crew's crew.

Hope you enjoy the Magician's Assistant. I'm still on the hunt for HSB.

deb said...

"i have sat down so many times to knit words from a spool of feelings"


there ya go again - spinning gold from straw...
doing great things with words.

julie sergel said...

i think a lot of people have been pondering words and yet, find no means by which to channel such thoughts. pretty ironic, amidst don imus and cho sheing-hei (sp) occurrences.

either way, just craving you, babe. the sun is actually shining on us nor'easterners and i'm maybe reminded, that as spring 'uns borne at such as time as this, we must prepare for the stage; soon our names will be called!

thinking your way with a smile.

O! did you ever read "The History of Love"? If you haven't--do! And, if you won't, I will personally type out portion on hand gestures--you will love! ( so let me know)