Friday, April 20, 2007

survival in a sanctuary

photo courtesy of dr. william c. welch, texas a&m university

my garden has been such a sanctuary for me for years and i cannot wait to see peggy martin bloom where i planted her and thrive. the story of this rose is truly inspirational and i already feel such a kinship to her. we get to be sisters in a way and learn to live a new life.

peggy martin is the most appropriate first purchase for me as a singleton. she figured out that the coin isn't really heads or tails, but victim or survivor. this rose is going to remind me of this time in my life and reward me with bountiful beauty later and for that i am already thankful.

some accomplishments this week:
1) did not burn the meat when i grilled
2) cleaned the pool myself
3) bought my own toolbox & toolz
4) prepped and painted closet, will hang elfa shelving when paint cures
5) on my third book of the week


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty rose, looks like a Hybrid Musk is it? Toolz are a good thing. :)

fiwa said...

That is a gorgeous rose, and what a great story.

#1 on your list impresses me to no end - I finally threw our grill away.

Sending you all my lovins,

nikkipolani said...

I can't resist pink roses ;-)

Ms. O said...

Singleton.....did we miss something? I love your writing and try to read every post, but now I'm confused.

diane said...

Gotta come get cuttings from this beautiful rambler. Hearty and strong, just what I like!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, inspiring story.

Peggy Martin didn't know she was "supposed" to whither so she just kept on going. She shouldered the weight, and faced it down. Not only did she prevail, but also flourished under enormous strain.

You rule, Peggy Martin. I hope she blooms long and strong for you, Dawn.


michelle said...

you exhaust me with your list.
maybe if got to look at pretty roses instead of not-quite-spring-here maybe i would get more done. time to buy myself some roses?

Amysatx said...

Can you clone yourself and come do my backyard?? Love all your pics!!