Saturday, March 10, 2007

mrs. dudley cross

the garden is probably two weeks away from popping and mrs. dudley cross is the first rose of the season. i love this tea rose. i lost a cardboard palm over the winter and thankfully the last of the castors froze as well.

this week is spring break and i hope i don't even have to get in my car more than five times all week and that hours are spent on the patio when i am not revamping the studio, which is by the way coming along a few inches a day.

both bathrooms are gutted to the studs. one bathroom has a sink and one has a light, so you have to seriously think what you really want when you choose a room. everything is in boxes, but we have new towels which are a serious tradeoff.

so on to more cleaning, organizing and washing of clothes... i have looked forward to this downtime for months.

between the A and the T, john is where it is at.


~S said...

Oh you have roses, its at least a month before I will have any of those blooming, but at least the early spring blooms are coming. Have a great Spring Break Week

fiwa said...

Oooh, that's a beautiful rose! Enjoy yourself this week. Did y'all seriously tear up both of your bathrooms at once? Glutton, that's all I'm sayin'. ;)

anne said...

What a beauty to see first thing in the season! With our hot temps, the roses are about pop as well - buds on every one except a small handful. Have fun on your week down.

diane said...

That should be crowned the .."Yellow Rose of Texas".. Dawn - it is just beautiful and so delicate! Have a great week of fun & laughter! - diane