Monday, March 05, 2007


if i ever say 'oooh, i want to have a tagsale!' or 'gee, i need to go scratch my thrift itch!', please pick up my squirrelgun and shoot me. puhlease! (puhlease?)

well, i made my goal. sofa is paid for and that whole bizniz of 'if i sell it, it wasn't meant to be mine' left me with a house that echoes. i have to go to the bathroom to talk on the phone since it is padded with towels and a toilet.

so this week i work in the studio trying to brush its hair. its ratnests even have ratnests, but it will get reorganized and be better than before.

we had dinner with sage last night. today, i am taking our beloved ex-sofa to him. may that georgejeffersonpimpaliciousgoodness witness many laughs between him and his friends. he is so excited to have it.

i want to thank you for all of your hearttouching comments on my last post. i have been rereading them since i would read them in little spurts during the big sale. they all stuck and i am most grateful for the love you typed.


fiwa said...

If your house is echoing, that's the PERFECT excuse for thriting!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. Want to handle my next garage sale? ;-)

I'm happy that your old sofa is going to stay within the family, too.

Have you started the hunt for stuff yet?