Tuesday, March 13, 2007

lilacs on a day like this

it has thunderstormed for the past two nights here and it is raining again. thank you, fiwa, for sending me some of your rain. this is seriously the bestest kind of weather there is. texas storms are pure dramamama and it is the perfect day to line dresser drawers with lilac scented paper. even though you can't see the paper since the clothes are refolded now, the scent is there.

seriously, if gardentawk bores you, i am warning you that there is loads on the way. not today, though. i need to get off due to lightning, but i will say that the grapekoolaidscented mountain laurel is in bloom.


fiwa said...

Good - I'm ready for garden talk. That's so funny that you're getting rain on the only two sunny days we've had in recent memory.
The weeds staged a coup over the winter, so now I must get out there and beat them back. I did one bed yesterday and I am sooooore today.

A bird in the hand said...

Your gardentawk delights me, since I don't have a garden and I love gardens. So tawk away!

shannon said...

ooohhhh the grapekoolaid mountain laurel!!! Our favorite. I bought a small tree last year. I can't wait till it's old enough to flower!