Monday, February 19, 2007

of stewed apricots

it isn't as if i am gardendelusional or anything. i know i can't grow raspberries or rhubarb in san antonio, but as long as one minds her zonerange, she is pretty golden wherever and whatever she plants.

the older my kids get and the more my heart tears with that growth & the mistakes made along the way, the more i love plants. seriously, you plant something, tend to it and let it do what it knows how to do. grow. no matter what mother nature doles out, you can pretty much put all of your chips on a plant.

when i planted my osmanthus fragrans (tea olive) plants years ago, i had envisioned them as they would grow to be. if you haven't smelled osmanthus fragrans, you haven't lived. osmanthus fragrans smells of warm stewed apricots. it smells like how i want my neck to smell, like you want to bite it but you know you shouldn't. osmanthus fragrans is the tortoise and the hare would have to be an arizona ash.

yesterday was spent clearing out passiflora vines and that bitch called sweet autumn clematis. even if they are giving out samples at your favorite plant shop, please don't even try it. mine came with the house and i have never been able to get rid of it. i cannot believe no one has sued lowe's for selling it. but if you read my blog, you might have the crazy gene and you might be crazy enough to want to grow it. i have seeds and you are welcome to them. it is a great cover vine but you will find it coming up everywhere and you can bitch about it on your own blog.


nikkipolani said...

Oh Dawn, I have been enjoying these weeks of osmanthus blooms. I had no idea they bloomed so much and so long even during some of the coldest weeks we've had here. And thank you for sending your lovely cards - I'm tempted not to give them as planned....

~S said...

:) Your passiflora vines are probably equal to the all mighty everyone should have one Jackson Vine in our area of the world. That stuff is a pain to get rid of...but I will take this up on my blog. ;)

fiwa said...

Sweet Autumn clem huh? I would be happy if I could get anything to cover my eyesore of a fence.

I remember you saying how great the tea olive smells. I will make a serious effort to see if I can find it up here.


A bird in the hand said...

Sort of

You're a true gardener. Your second paragraph says it all.