Monday, February 12, 2007

hair schmair

i have been cutting my own hair for over a year now. if i had good hair, i would leave it long, but i don't... so i buzz it off. for some reason, i got on this 'cut your own hair' kick to be a more selfsufficient girl, but i end up looking like a selfsufficient boy. whatev.

about a year ago, i had an extreme hair accident. i had forgotten to put the clipguard on the buzzers and couldn't figure out why on earth so much hair was falling to the floor. it was called 'the racing stripe' until it grew out. everyone needs a month of a racing stripe to really ground you and remind you that you really aren't as cute as you think you are. extreme hair is extreme humility. when i realized what a dumbass thing that i had done, i couldn't even cry. all i could say was "oh, my God!" over and over. i can still hear my sister laughing hysterically on the phone when i called her just minutes after i had racingstriped it. (see, i even created a verb. please feel free to use it. i hope you don't have to, though.)

when i asked vv if i should buzz it short again early this morning, she said 'sure. just don't do the racing stripe, mom!' anyway, we all make mistakes. it is when we make the same ones over and over again that we have a real problem.


michelle said...

i am rolling in laughter. i've done the stripe! not to myself, but to my husband. used to cut his hair with the handy dandy clippers. did the same thing - forgot to put on the dealie and i'm buzzing right up the center of the back of his head, and i say "wow, you're hair was really long this time". yeeouch. it was a nightmare....but it was fun to revisit this morning for a real belly laugh. thanks dawn.

deb said...

damn girl you are FUNNEEEEEE!
i was laughing so hard...i even got a dirty-i'm-on-the-phone-with-a-client- look from the landscaper. but ohhhh - wait until she reads this!!!

thank god for hats, caps and harwin-gucci scarves!

catchya lae-ta, buzz!

Lisa H. said...

right around 2 years ago, my hair decided to take a hormone holiday and leave.I long for the days of "grow-outs".
Still brunette, but considering superglue shampoo!

Good lord Girl, my sides ache!

fiwa said...

You are my hero. I love that you can laugh about it and keep on doing it. That would have scared me back to a hairdresser.

diane said...

Dawn...that cracks me up! You are one bold lady, as I would NEVER attempt to do that....but I do have a sister for a hairdresser-and that helps-ALOT! Kuddos to you for good sportmanship! =)

Anonymous said...

HA.. i remmeber when you did that!
YAY for buzzes

i was bald.. i still thot i was cute

love love love

A bird in the hand said...

You are one brave woman! I use scissors on my bangs and I think I'm brave? No no no.

You are my hero!

julie s. said...

girl. you up the ante and break the ceiling.

i cut my own too, by swinging the left and right side to the front. thing is, as i went to get a "real do" the hairdresser spyed a 2 inch discrepancy! hmmm.
quel dommage!

respect to you, though!
and hey, who needs good hair when they got a mug like yours?! and quite honestly, britney looked quite attractive with her buzz. maybe the racer's stripe was a prophetic peer.

Anonymous said...

Paybacks are hell racing stripe girl.

Tom Metzler