Thursday, February 22, 2007

mrs. craigslist

i love craigslist so much that i could marry it. seriously.

you won't be seeing me around much until after my twoday tagsale next weekend. this is the lifepurge sale. i have four rooms done so far. my purge technique is that i go through every corner & crevice of a room. if the item is not needed, it goes into a huge pile. once i get all of the piles, i then start the tedious task of pricing every item. do not ever have a sale with unpriced items. more than likely, you will sell that item lower than you should.

i decided to list some of the furniture on craigslist on tuesday afternoon and have already sold a vintage desk and two knoll rolling office chairs. (plus, a faux saarinen tulip chair to my sister!) i have people coming to look at other items today. this antique leathertopped table is one of the items on craigslist and we will keep it if doesn't sell. listing items on craiglist presale is the way to go. i love you, craigslist. you, merle haggard, oh, and daniel craig... (coincidence? i think not.)

you know that old phrase of "if you love something, let it go. if it comes back, it was yours and if it doesn't, it never was." (or something like that) well, ours is "if you have something, sell it. if it doesn't sell, it is meant to be yours and if it does, run to the freaking bank!"

if it is hot on the day of the sale, say no to ice cold beer. if that icecold beer that your husband is dangling in front of you looks like heaven, do not drink it. more than likely, that beer has a twinbrother and i tend to get nice after that and this is all about the hardsell, people.

don't throw anything away presale. that old brokearmed angel missing an eyeball will be the first thing that sells. it is crazy. so put a pricesticker on that girl and keep going. she is still good, she still protects and someone is looking for her. i guaranfreakingtee it.

make a goal that you want to make and that becomes your mantra. we will be getting our very first new sofa in almost twentyone years of marriage. page is the one that enables me into rash splurges like this. i love our georgejeffersonpimpalicious sofa (if you want it, buy it now cuz leticia is coming to look at it this morning), but, damn, i cannot wait to sit on the new one when it comes in next month. my goal is to make enough to pay for it...and you can bet your boots that i will.


~S said...

Good Luck with your tag sale. Look forward to hearing how it goes!

deb said...

good luck! dolla-dolla bill ya'all!
i have missed my dawn fixes - now all i can think about is "i wonder what the couch looks like...."

diane said...

Dawn....I laughed a big one after reading your description of things you should not throw away BEFORE a sale! I totally agree, and to top it off, I will alway "put out" ALL the jewelry I have brought to sell at a sale; because sure thing, the one piece I say...."Naw, no one is gonna look at this piece today; beside I don't have enough room left on the table for one more piece to is the first piece to go!" Go figure!!!!

fiwa said...

Dang, YOU are iron-willed Sally. Sellin' stuff you love, no beer. I would give anything to see this sale happening.

But I sure hope you get your sofa - with will power like that I know you will. Post pictures of it!!

Lisa said...

YOU are a Tag sale Inspiration, Mrs. Craigslist!

Consider writing the definitive guide for all things purge-ant (not a real word).

...and yes, please, a photo or two of your Triumph.