Monday, January 22, 2007

x marks the spot

can we say x-hausted?

the threeday sale which took my mind off of househunting was a success, i think. two of the three days were cold & stormy and yesterday was blue skies and in the sixties. texas weather could give anyone a complex.

i will be having a garage sale in march & give me a day to recoup and i will be beyond excited about selling again. it is quite possible that i was a gypsy in my past life or a merchant on portobello road. selling stuff is just plain fun. plus, seeing some of your favoritest people. my friend karen set up her new venture in beauty in my kitchen and we had the best fun gabbing & selling. now, my friend julie will kill me if i don't mention her in my blog. she is one of those people who is so fun to be around that you forget how smart she is. seriously, she could smart me under the table. she brought her crew over, minus the sparkplug danny, and snatched things up like it was going out of style.

my man got home quite late last night and is now sleeping in his own bed.

i found this quote on a tea box this weekend and it was a happy spark. cheers to a happy week for us all!

there are souls in this world
which have the gift of finding joy everywhere
and of leaving it behind them
when they go.

frederick william faber


Anonymous said...

and you do that fabulously m'dear!
that's exactly how i feel about leaving this house.... i'm leaving joy for others to share in... :)
love to you .. and many happy adventures

Scheherazaad said...

Fabulous quote. I would have bought the X if I was there.

Marilyn said...

I've been lurking, and enjoying your adventures in moving. I know you were will do well and bloom brightly wherever you are planted.

SO Lucky were the people at your garage sale. :-)

Love the photography and how you capture the moment. always.