Thursday, January 25, 2007

alamo bling

almost a year ago today, i made the jump into a commited blogrelationship. a real two-way kinda street, you know what i am sayin'? if i can borrow the title of ludacris' latest cd, it has been some kind of release therapy.

recently, i bought a bag of flotsam jetsam bling and this crazy cufflink looks perfect with my san antonio plate that my sweet sister gave me a few years ago. it is as if tony soprano threw off a cufflink on a bedside table while he is sweettawkin' some riverwalk hootchiemama.

i am on a blogging recruit kind of kick. i want all of my friends to blog, so i can read their thoughts or enjoy their images & writings. about a month ago, i had an email from a dear neighbor of ours from 11th avenue days back in brooklyn. we had lost touch after our stint in new hampshire (before we moved back to texas) and i have the internet to thank for our reconnected friendship. tim rocked my world when he emailed me and we got all caught up on our lives. he was in the middle of finishing his site & finally finished it yesterday. is his work some kind of crazybeautiful or what? it is insane*in*the*membrane kind of beautiful. he makes me want to pack up my sewing machine and call it a day, but hacks need love, i will keep making stuff. but can i say "damnnnnnn, boi!"? yes, clearly tim needs a blog.

if you are reading this, will you please start blogging so i can read your words? and if you do blog, will you puhlease write even more?

my mother sent me a link of one of my grandmother's paintings on ebay. this was painted before my mother was even thought of and before my grandparents moved to w. san antonio street. i bet my aunt patsy was probably four at the time. i have saved the photos off of this listing just to see her sweet handwriting again. she will be blogged about this week.

TTIFT (tip that i finally tried): i cannot tell you where i read this tip (probably dear heloise) but this week, i actually remembered to buy koolaid lemonade packets (without sugar, just the envelopes) and i decrunked the dishwasher of all hardwater deposits and stains. put one packet in and run it through a normal wash cycle. i used two, just in case it didn't work, but i think the first one worked, so just use one. it now sparkles like this cufflink.


fiwa said...

I missed ya last week, you blogging fool.

Can I step up and say a "hay-men" to that sister? I wish everyone I knew would blog, it's the bestest way to stay in touch.

Love that painting by your Grandmother. Do you have anything she painted?

Sae Faeri En said...

My last didn't take, but it was about my fumbly self trying to deal with blogspot. Still posting like a fool at lj--where there are a gang of us missing you like hell, girlie.

I resolve to post more here, if only to keep up and in touch with you.


A bird in the hand said...

Today I blogged a message from Toto to Dorothy.


deb said...



i love your grandmothers middle name!!!!!!