Tuesday, January 30, 2007

resourceful barbie

sunday found me cleaning and going through things. if you were to visit our home, you might think 'good lawdy, child, where is your crap?' but trust me there is crap, just "tucked away crap" ---huge difference.

okay, i loved my barbies. i was the president of the barbieholic meetings. my mother used to get little outfits made for my barbies and i wish that i still had all of my barbiebilia. with pride though, i confess to not encouraging our daughter to play with barbies, she has never owned one. i don't really know why i think this way...was she mere eye candy, or even worse, an airhead? looking back, i wonder how the whole dollplaying & rolemodeling thang shaped us girls.

my friend jenifer used to have the barbie townhouse, the grocery store, the jalopy, the everything. the grocery store was my favorite. sorry, folks. cash is not king, but the cash register is the freaking bomb! i loved that store of hers. we would play for hours with our barbies. surely, our barbies had skeletons in the townhouse closets, but i can't remember any.

well, sunday, when i was going through my suitcases, i found this pair of boots. okay, i can get rid of anything of value, but give me a pair of barbie gogo boots that i had taped one back together with masking tape like thirtyfreakingyears ago, and i am keeping it forever. you have to admire the technique of this masking job. ¡perfectomundo!

...and i would bet five dollars that ken never even noticed.


jackie_o said...

I had the Barbie Country Camper and was it ever cool. I could practically stick my head in it and thus really be part of Barbie's world lol. My mom sold all my childhood stuff in a garage sale when I was in college. You hang on to those boots missy!

fiwa said...

It was probably those very go-go boots that inspired the gold drill team boots when you were in hs!

My barbies were always cowgirls, off to ride the range on the...uh... cow.

deb said...

you know dawn....when i first saw the photo on flickr - i thought it was a "cowboy" boot for barbie. you know the pony skin pattern?

cool shot! and better memory.

side note: i never was a barbie sort of girl. i wanted the yellow tonka dump truck when i was 3. one of my first memories was my mother trying to tell me "girls don't play with boy's toys."


Scheherazaad said...

Barbie was my earliest inspiration. I knit for Barbie I sewed for barbie and when my daughter had her own barbies I built Barbie a townhouse.