Thursday, February 01, 2007

hillbilly complex

i have never suffered from this until the moment he said "let's start looking in connecticut!" --- the fever starts off like a panic. i like the old, used and the broken. can you move that across the connecticut state line?

maybe, i am totally off base here. am i? do people have garage sales in connecticut? but, if you tell me that you see old, used and broken on their curbs, i am not too far gone to not get excited. anyway, we are looking from greenwich to westport and we love what we see. connecticut's taxes rock the casbah. how do people ever get ahead with the property taxes in new york? anyway, so we are looking all over again all over again... but this is a soul salve to this hillbilly complex of mine.

my babysister tipper called me late yesterday and said that she got her site up & rocking. i am so excited for her...she is a kickass kind of girl. always has been and always will. if you read this, tipper, i am so proud of you for doing it. tipper is one of those people that even if someone offered to pay you big money to find something wrong with them, you simply couldn't. and, sweetheart, you can never be too indie. word.


deb said...

oh dear....connecticut? tell dave hello for me!

tipper rocks! that black and white shot of her is GREAT!
you guys are just overflowing with creativity!

fiwa said...

Wow... Connecticut, that's a whole nutha story huh? I must admit ignorance, I've never been to that part of the country. Does that mean no pink sinks?

I love Tipper's site. Tipper needs a blog though, don't you think?

Linda said...

gorgeous trunk! there are so many of these vintage pieces all around my city. they are perfect for piling up and using as a table for a vintage-decor.

Anonymous said...

property taxes in jersey.. even higher.. its criminal really.. HEH

i hope the search is going well m'love
keep rocking girl!

ginny carter smallenburg said...

I lived in Westport for 15 years and loved it. Close to NYC for a day trip, close to rural CT for serenity and just a short ride to so many wonderful areas. It has changed a great deal since I moved 10 years ago, but it is still wonderful and artsy! It is where I first met Keith LoBue at a wonderful exhibit called the Boxists. I am envious. We lived on Dawn Dr off of Hulls Hwy.