Tuesday, January 09, 2007


this is the promised photo of the poncho that i made. i have it on right now and old sweaters have never felt so warm. word.

yesterday, i taught art at highschool & watched the most fascinating video ever. where have i been? living under a rock? anyway, it is a pbs series called art in the 21st century. i only got to see one of the discs (over & over) but i loved it each time. i have queued the series and can't wait to watch them with our kids.

page called me yesterday on his way from ny to dc when he passed the toys r us in brooklyn where we would shop for the kids' santa presents, back in the day when we were santa.

now back to the regular scheduled undertherockliving, i just got an email from a friend about next week's temps in the 20s, yes, here in san antonio. i had no idea...so thank you, sweet portia. maybe, i need another poncho.


deb said...

i love that patches poncho!
love-love-love! i think you are on to something!

Scheherazaad said...

Great poncho! You are already a New York girl.

Anne said...

Love all the bright colors, Dawn! We've got some strange temperature fluctuations too (about 30ยบ) but not down to the 20s!

fiwa said...

u are 2 kewl fer school. I love that poncho. It's like a crazy quilt of all your favorite things.
I am envious.

Hola from miami, where it's freaking raining.

stay warm under your rock.
excess and oh's,

A bird in the hand said...

Who would have thunk it?

You are a genius.

Shannon said...

Way cool...You're so creative!

I'm getting ready for spring here. I'm sure gonna miss seeing pics of your garden.