Thursday, January 11, 2007

for annie

last night at dance, i promised my wednesday couchbuddy that i would post a photo of picasso. so, here is my portrait of picasso, our purebred pisshound. (howz that for alliteration?)

today was spent in the studio cleaning & peeling off layers of stuff as i am getting ready for a sale, doing layers on some collages and spent half a day teaching. i am going to try to add seventeen more facts to my goal of hundred from way back when.

34. in high school, i was IN LOVE with the cars with my friend kerren. okay, we were crazy. the moment i saw benjamin orr when the cars played on SNL, i thought "daaaaaang!". we went to the cars concert in austin and i jumped from the balcony in my goldspraypainted flagcorps boots and climbed on stage and kissed rick ocasek (just to throw everyone off) and kissed benjaminbaby. i know why he died years later of liver cancer. he didn't eat, he drank.

35. embarrassingly, when i saw van halen's video of 'jump', i wanted to marry david lee roth and his tight pants. thankfully, now, he looks like he should be part of the rocky horror picture show ensemble and i don't regret my lifedecisions of not marrying dat fool.

36. my life changed when i first heard the sugar hill gang's rapper's delight when it first came out.

37. MTV was monumental in my development.

38. purging of stuff has to be a higher high than acquiring it.

39. i like white walls, preferably benjamin moore's 'decorator's white'.

40. as much as you can be tough & grow a thick skin, certain souls get in and permeate your life, routine and thoughts.

41. i think merle haggard and fiona apple should do a duet.

42. the smell of skunk is way better than the smell of crushed geranium leaves.

43. flipflops are the way to go.

44. fabric & fiber rock my world.

45. my children have had some of the best teachers on this planet and i am most grateful for them.

46. as much as this troubles my sister tipper, i cannot stand sitting on a beach and getting sandy. she doesn't mind sand in her crack and i cannot bear the thought of it. she is such a better person, though. cracksand must be the secret.

47. i miss the walking of citylife and cannot wait to get back to it, be it city or village.

48. cheese was such a splurge when we were starving artists and nonexistent in our life.

49. classical piano lessons were a forced religion when i was growing up.

50. i used to love the taste of salt licks and burnt matches when i was little.

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Anne said...

Picasso is a beauty - look at those soulful eyes!