Saturday, January 13, 2007

the value of a good box

yesterday was spent cleaning out sage's skanky dorm room. when we got back in, i made a deal with the kids that if i didn't have to cook, they didn't have to do chores. i spent the evening washing and dividing up dishes for us and dishes for sage. there is such a quiet in cleaning, not as a chore but as a process.

when the morning light started doing its thang this morning, it made me feel very happy.

it has been raining nonstop since last night. these are our favorite kind of days. copious amounts of tea have been consumed and two coconut tea cakes are in the oven as i type...and i have all of the ingredients to make a pasta dish, chicken pot pie and lasagna to last us through this blissfully dreary weekend. we are scheduled for ice on monday night and the kids already have their fingers crossed for an 'ice day' on tuesday.

i need more good boxes for this cleanout mode i am in. a few good boxes, is that too much to ask?

this upcoming week, i am having a huge studio sale here. friday through sunday. i will be taking the day off to prep for it on thursday. loads of product that i had pushed out of my mind for the past few months...wish me luck and if you know anyone in the area, please pass the word.

oh, and *doublesqueal* on the warhol/basquiat/wyeth factory work exhibit coming to the mcnay this week. tuesday night is the member's preview. basquiat is my most favorite flavor of artist in the world. when the basquiat exhibit was at the mfa in houston last year, the kids and i drove to see his work in all of his glory.


karenleigh said...

Reading you makes me feel all warm and cozy.

A bird in the hand said...

Studio sale??? Aghhhhh (sound of agony). I would send my sister in my place but she lives too far from you up there in McKinney.

It's finally snowing here. I'm going to make some soup and other goodies and hunker down tonight with a movie and hot chocolate and...

Miz Carla said...

aacckk just the word *packing* sends me into a decline luvvie--just know you have all my sympathy.

Weren't we just discussing the lovely spring weather the other day? WTH happened? Hope your long johns aren't already packed :D

stay warm dearheart