Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a tiny bit of glitz in a full heart

i have not had the energy & willpower to put up a tree this year so far...maybe, today i will. i have the day off...but have so much other stuff to do that the tree is still waiting. i did hang our wreath. i love this wreath. i made it before we painted our eaves blue & everything clicks when the wreath is on the door and you can see snippets of blue around the house.

sage is home for the holidays as of yesterday and as much as we are happy for him to be away being a college boy & having his own life, we love even more having him home around the fire. that must sound boring to just want to sit around a fire, but to sit and talk with your kids and hear them talk and be able to zone out in front of flames is pretty much kickass of all kickassery.

so, i have the day off and he probably won't get up until 2pm...but i hope we can squeeze a thrift in today before picking up vgirl.

having him gone has been an adjustment, but one you are supposed to do with something very grownup in you. it is almost as if someone has taped your pinkies to your ringfingers and you just have to manage the p's and q's on the keyboard without your twinkaypanks. all i know is that he is home for an entire month. whooop!

the highlight of the night was the barter of an egg sandwich for a cigarette. as a mother, it made me feel comforted that he will survive in life with bartering skills. okay, it does kinda sound prisony and makes you wonder what type of black market exists on college campuses... okay, i don't even want to know.


Miz Carla said...

oohhh girl your wreath is gojus--simply gojus!!

You cracked me up with "the highlight of the night was the barter of an egg sandwich for a cigarette" Need I ask who got the sammich and who got the fag?

hope you feel up to gettin Christmasy girlie--it really lifts your spirits (but you have to NOT think about taking it down while you are doing it).

I'm happy that you'll have all your chickees in the nest!


miz C

fiwa said...

I love the wreath, it's so "old-hollywood" glam.

I'm so glad you have your boy back for awhile. Sittin' around the fire sounds like heaven to me too.
Maybe having him there will help get you in the decorating mood.

A bird in the hand said...

It's beautiful. I love wreaths.
My sister just put up hers on her Texas door (McKinney) with a glittery red bird I sent her.