Saturday, December 09, 2006

turning up the heat

peppahs harvested from my potager just a few minutes ago...
i have them chopped & in a sugar bath as i type.

it is cold here...we had freezing rain yesterday and our macarthur brahmas won regional playoffs last night against my alma mater! we chickened out on driving to san marcos in the icy weather...but my warm beanie is off to our team!

to pick up where i left off on factynonsense...

17. i grew up thinking a toboggan was a winter hat. seriously. when page & i met, he really had fun with that one.

18. i still use the word tump, i.e. "ooh, be careful. you are gonna tump your milk over." finding this link made me feel more normal.

19. i love anything hot. it is perfectly okay to eat hot sauce even if your nose is running from the pepperheat.

20. love, love, love movies...subtitles & wine really don't work that well, but subtitles & coffee do.

21. my grandma's money smelled like emeraude and her hands smelled like rosemilk.

22. i believe in ghosts & lived in a haunted house in new hampshire.

23. i just found a drawing that no.2 son made and it is really wonderful. it was on the floor.

24. garage sales are the best fun. am slowly getting prepared for a big one in two months...the purging part is the best part after selling it.

25. cheese & crackers is my favorite meal in the world.

26. one of my favorite times of each week is the time spent on the couch at the dance studio while gabbing to my friends/fellowmothers. annie reads my blog and honey, i am sitting here waving to you.

27. we have been watching cops since it first premiered. i love that show.

28. my sons think the lamest thing about me is that i love mtv's laguna beach.

29. the sex and the city girl that i identify with most is miranda.

30. mary poppins is what dreams are made of.

31. i love watching food shows that show how certain food items are made. conveyor belts & little grabbygears are fascinating to me.

32. breakfast tacos are the best brekkie in the world. i heart taco cabana.

33. i hate squirrels and am too embarrassed to show how much i hate them. let's just say that i love my puhcahn tree more.


fiwa said...

ditto 18 and 32 and for 32 we even call it that.

I'd love to hear about 22!! That's post-worthy.

24... If I lived close by I'd offer to come early and help you set up, which would seem nice, but you know I'd be culling for the best things to buy.

33 - you know I agree.

Ok, happy Saturday, now must get back to painting.


nikkipolani said...

Oooooh, look at those gorgeous peppers! Mmm, can we see #23?

Anonymous said...

amazing how so many of your list items would be mine as well :)

missing you
and staying put in NJ
it seems

i am happy about this
totally downsizing tho
so a move is here too

how's yours going?
my dad goes in for quadruple bypass surgery in the AM... holidays are looking very weird i must say

love love love to you
and bunches of sunshine
xo xo xo