Wednesday, December 13, 2006

for the spriNYg formal

it has been exactly a month of uncertainty & was almost a relief to hear the words yesterday "honey, start packing your shite up...we are moving!" not, that i have to pack it up today but i have to start the process of clearing out the house and decide what is going to ny (or what is going back to ny, as the case may be)---

the house&garden have already been grieved over and i hope whoever buys this house loves it as much as we do. they get the easy part since all of the work is done. they can relax on a raft with a margarita... mighty, mighty just lettin' it all hang out, cuz she's a brick house.

we have a few months to liquidate the ranch & our home and then we iz moving back.


fiwa said...

ain't it wonderful to be, where I've always wanted to be, I guess the lord must be, in New York city... (the Sinead O'Connor version, of course.)

And hey, you're movin' on up. Movin' on up, to a deluxe apartment in the sky. You finally got a piece of the pie.

xoxoxo X 10,

Anonymous said...

...and the adventure continues. :)
I hope your buyer isn't like the GF of our buyer who thought Hostas were a high maintenance plant.
I <3 NY.

nikkipolani said...

I'm already missing your garden, Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, Dawn! I'll be thinking of you (and am hoping the funky greenhouse gets to go with you)! :) --Val

diane said...

Hey Dawn,
Let me know the details on your house, as I may know someone who lives in SA lookin' to buy!

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna miss your house too

seems a time for transitions
yup . it dobeedobeedo

my dad is doing good
in ICU.. hanging tough

thinking of you
xo xo ox

A bird in the hand said...

Yeehaw! We're going to be neighbors. The distance between LaGuardia and Toronto airports is 20 minutes!! that qualifies as neighbors, no?

pam said...

Oh Dawn now where are you going to put your fire pit????