Saturday, December 02, 2006


6. little things drive me nuts. see that grey border around the photo above? it is taking thirteen years off my life. thank you, clarke, for giving me back those thirteen years all in one day!

7. my babies lived on pastina and i can't find it anywhere down here. good memories are made of pastina's ittybitty stars.

8. if i don't scratch the junque itch once a week, it unbalances my world. even if i turn up emptyhanded, at least i scouted.

9. i still get all giddy at a virgin that no one has scratched&sniffed its perfume strips before me or has dogeared it.

10. oldskool country music still rocks my world.

11. luckenbach, texas is still one of my favorite places in the world.

12. i live on lists and goals --- be they mini or biggie. speaking of biggie, i still remember when biggie smalls was killed. he lived in the neighborhood that page had his studio & worked.

13. and i still love snoop dogg. donny & marie should have sang "i am a little bit country & i am a little bit gangsta rap" and i would have bought the vinyl.

14. malt-o-meal & its improper cookage is made of bad memories. my kids don't even know what it is.

15. i had never bought a tv dinner until my son begged for one and it was under the condition that he had to eat all of it. he did & he never asked me for another.

16. frozen food grosses me out still, even if those tiny banquet chickenpotpies were the highlight of my youth.


fiwa said...

I think #6 is a setting in the blogger template that you can change/delete. I'll ask the boy when he gets up.

Amen on 8 & 14. I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to guess who and what on 15. ;)

Anonymous said...

those chicken pot pies were the bain of my childhood.. OMFG.. i can still remember the smelll.. makes my tummy do doubleflops right now.. emailing tomorrow.. is just hte P man coming on Monday??? xo xo xo d