Wednesday, November 29, 2006


with everything that is going on, or which isn't going on but will, i am still excited about the holidays. when i found these beads & some vintage raspberrytinsel garlands while out thrifting, i caught the holidayhigh. this will be velvet's first Christmas and i am curious to her thoughts on the indoor trees. gunther still sleeps under the one in the livingroom every holiday.

after i found the raspberrytinsel garlands, vv & i were at target and guess what we saw? the same raspberry garlands but new and at ten times the price. how higher can you get?

i wish to composite 100 facts like my girl fiwa but where does one start? hers has flow...but i can start with five.

1. when i think of my childhood, it revolves around all of the libraries that sheltered me. i heart libraries.

2. i hate 'drive-bys'. seriously, i could easily shoot someone who thinks it is okay. so not okay.

3. i trust gardeners more than i trust most churchpeople.

4. i horde lotions & creams & all things goodsmelly. ooh, also lipgloss.

5. daniel craig is the hottest james bond ever. i hope that anyone who doubted his jamesbondness when casino royale was being filmed swallows their tongue & pokes their eyes so i can have their share of him.

well, off to greet the day. we go off on our annual Christmas treefarm pilgrimage on saturday. beyond psyched!


jackie_o said...

What's a "drive by"?

I heart libraries too. I used to have a wonderful recurring dream where I went into an unfamiliar library and found a section with the most magical books ever. I could never remember what the books were when I woke up, just that they were the most beautiful books I'd ever seen.

Hey I got some exciting news. I won first prize in the David Austin Roses 2006 Photo Contest!

Scheherazaad said...

I too heart libraries!! Sheltered in them since the age of seven. Can't stop! Won't stop!

fiwa said...

Oh goody, now I have an excuse to go to Target, so I can see what raspberry garland looks like!

Don't play coy ms D. You have 100 in you, I know it. Just keep plugging away at it. It's a very high quality start though. ;)

Sorry I am just getting around to posting, we have been having a mini ice age and have been snowed under since Monday. I'll post pictures later tonight.

Anonymous said...

i just love ya girl
all of you
every single piece

been thinking about you soooo much
and thinking wouldn't it be great if you were just a wee few hours away

then i thot
well geez i'm considering a move to florida.. HA HA HA

much peace sugardumplin
xo xo xo

A bird in the hand said...

Five more reasons to like you!!