Sunday, December 03, 2006

fitty bookz

well, i did it! i know that fifty books is not buttloads of reading in a year, but i met my goal... i dedicate this year of reading to every friend that suggested a dawn*you*must*read*this! book... i especially send a special shoutout to claudine who had me scrambling for a pen on movie & book suggestions every freaking wednesday, and to jennifer's mom who is right on the money with her book suggestions.

if you have suggestions for me, please cough them up. i need a good list for ohseven. oh, and these are good reads. if i started a book and it sucked, it was like 'uh, NEXT!' ---some were better than others but none of these suck.

1. The Glass Castle Jeannette Walls
2. Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith Anne Lamott
3. Fat Girl Judith Moore
4. Shopgirl Steve Martin
5. Anne Sexton Diane Wood Middlebrook
6. Traveling Mercies Anne Lamott
7. A Million Little Pieces James Frey
8. Wisecracker William J. Mann
9. The Thing about Jane Spring Sharon Krum
10. Wacky Chicks Simon Doonan
11. Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden
12. In Search of Lost Roses Thomas Christopher
13. The Cheese Monkeys Chip Kidd
14. Couldn't Keep It To Myself Wally Lamb
15. Angels & Demons Dan Brown
16. Everyone Worth Knowing Lauren Weisberger
17. The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown
18. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim David Sedaris
19. Me Talk Pretty One Day David Sedaris
20. Naked David Sedaris
21. Holidays on Ice David Sedaris
22. Magical Thinking Augusten Burroughs
23. Sellevision Augusten Burroughs
24. Dry Augusten Burroughs
25. Possible Side Effects Augusten Burroughs
26. My Life in France Julia Child
27. Barrel Fever David Sedaris
28. Open and Shut David Rosenfelt
29. First Degree David Rosenfelt
30. Bury the Lead David Rosenfelt
31. We are All Fine Here Mary Guterson
32. Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Louise Rennison
33. Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress Susan Jane Gilman
34. Sudden Death David Rosenfelt
35. Dead Center David Rosenfelt
36. Elements of Style Wendy Wasserstein
37. Secret Society Girl: An Ivy League Novel Diana Peterfreund
38. Pounding the Pavement Jennifer van der Kwast
39. The Ice Cream Maker Subir Chowdhury
40. You Could Do Better Stephanie Lehmann
41. Free Gift with Purchase Jean Godfrey-June
42. The Boys and the Bees Joe Babcock
43. The Undomestic Goddess Sophie Kinsella
44. I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence Amy Sedaris
45. Can You Keep A Secret? Sophie Kinsella
46. The Bitch Posse Martha O’Connor
47. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter Kim Edwards
48. Confessions of a Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella
49. How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life Mameve Medwed
50. Jubana! Gigi Anders

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fiwa said...

Hmm... I'm trying to think of the last book I read that was good enough to recommend to someone else. Speaking of books, did you ever get your free Anthony Bourdain book? I haven't gotten mine.

I have like 5 books piled up at home that I need to read, and once I plow through those I'm going to head to the library and start on your list. I'll be armed and ready for the post-holiday-blues.