Sunday, December 17, 2006


this is the kind of stuff that makes me happy. i happened upon this 'moment of image' early this has taken all day to post it, but whatchagonnado? at the rate i am going, this ain't bad. this little corner of our life is what rocks our world. extremecaffeine, marshies, peppermint, cocoa...with chocolate stash not so far away. uh, hello? this is a slice of the good life.

i spent all day working in the yard: mowing, edging, raking leaves & cleaning up the potager from the typical first*of*december ├╝berfrost which is then followed by yummy shorts-in-december days. it is so not fair to have tropical days mixed with notsotropicalfrostdamage in the garden, but again i say...whatchagonnado?

it is all done, actually, did laundry and have a panettone bread pudding in the oven...and look forward to a cuppa chased with a glass of wine.

if any of you know anyone houseshopping in the san antonio area, please pass this link on. thanky and happycaffeinefix to you.


Anonymous said...

omg... makes me wish I COULD move to TX.. i would snatch that up in about 1 second girl... one second i tell ya..

this post made me a weebit sad

i love you.. and am so looking forward to your new adventure!!!!! XO XO XO

fiwa said...

You are brilliant. All the good stuffs, right in one place. Can I come over and curl up in the sun and have a cuppa?