Tuesday, November 21, 2006

twelve moons of sedaris

this year was full of sedarislove for me.

if you haven't read the essays of david sedaris, you haven't lived. apparently, i hadn't until this mighty year of two thousand oh six. his writing really clicks in for me and it was freaking awesome to turn our oldest son on to his writing as well. mister david sedaris, i love you.

and then you have miz amy sedaris who is a nutball in herself. i have always liked her, but her new book i like you:hospitality under the influence (which i mentioned in my last post) threw me over the edge of the amysedaris lovewell.

copyright 2006 amy sedaris i like you:hospitality under the influence

this photo of this mangeylooking pompom owlcat that looks like it is the mother of all ringworms was what brought me out of my funk this week. this is from her craft section of her book. it is pure craziness and i have amy to thank for making me laugh so hard that i could have peed my pants (but i didn't) ---

picking your favorite sedaris is like picking your favorite child.
you simply can't.

david has written about their brother paul & then i reread about paul's f*ckitbucket in amy's book and remembered how much i love reading about him. here is how you make your own f*ckitbucket:
you get a gallon paint bucket.
write 'f*ck it bucket' on it. fill it with candy.
"so when shit gets you down,
eat some motherf*cking candy!"

answer me this: if everyone had one of these buckets, would there be wars, riots & roadrage? i think not. campaign for paul sedaris aka 'the rooster' for world leader in 2008.


Anonymous said...

miz d, love this post and I can so relate to the sedaris' mentioned in this post. I'm hoping that the amy book ends up under the tree as I have asked and I have been oooo sooo goood this year. ;-) This post for some reason brings up Shel Silverstein, I'll let you chew on that for a while. :)

Anonymous said...


fiwa said...

I keep looking for the David Sedaris books, but I'm way down the hold list at the liberry. One of these days I'll get lucky and find it on sale, I can feel it in my fingers.

So glad you found something to pull you out of your funk. :)