Sunday, November 26, 2006

she wore a broccoli bouquet

she wore a broccoli bouquet
the kind u find in a second hand store
broccoli bouquet
and if it was warm she wouldnt wear much more
broccoli bouquet
i think i love her

{roses: perle d'or, thomas affleck, francis dubreuil & belinda's dream}

we finished the last path last night & le bouef earned his way out of debt & into a video ipod. our neighbor bob had hired him to incorporate his strip with our design plan, so i guess he is now a seasoned landscaper. i stepped out of the digging up sod & rock and just paid him. we spread 12.47 tons of rock yesterday and i couldn't lift the beer to put in the cart at the walmarts after he bought his ipod.. photos to follow.

the pecan tree is finally losing her leaves and i realized that the frickin squirrels ate every pecan of this year's crop. the red oak is finally starting to turn and autumn might just kiss us before spring does. the roses are blooming and have i told you how much i love this growing zone? really? have i?

i finished sage's oxblood scarf last night to take back to college when he goes back tonight. surprisingly, i could still hold the knitting needles. hopefully, this scarf will keep me close to his heart.


fiwa said...

broccoli bouquet, oh, that made my day!

Hey, I'll send you some winter weather if you'd like. We had snow last night!

looking forward to seeing the photos...

Scheherazaad said...

That is certainly a "Princely" bouquet. You are so lucky. Yesterday I started hilling the rose bushes with compost. We are having ridiculously mild weather but I'm sure snow and ice will happen some time soon.

A bird in the hand said...

She wore a broccoli bouquet
It was that kind of a day

We aparment building dwellers with balconies for gardens really appreciate these kinds of posts...

nikkipolani said...

That is a heap of rocks!