Tuesday, November 07, 2006


every year, we make the pilgrimage to wurstfest in new braunfels. sage came in late on sunday night and had a rare opportunity to sleep for fifteen hours yesterday. (collegelife is hard work!)

on the way to wurstfest each year, we slot the first culinary delight that will be inhaled & then reslot them until we get there. sausage on a stick, potato pancakes & applesauce, fried pickles, sugared almonds, funnel cakes, snowcones, oh and beer. seriously, does it get any better than that?

there is just something about accordion music. be it, 3/4 tempo or zydeco. i luv me some accordion music! this guy was so good...he even threw in a merle haggard tune. he did some alpine yodeling & rocked his knickers.

a few weeks ago, we watched schultze gets the blues and guess where he went with his accordion? yep, the wurstfest. we were poking each other and saying 'it's our wurstfest! sweet schultze was right here!"

tradition is king and so worth the cling.

fiwa & diane, i made a pageypoo for the ballerinas below. i have been needing to do it, so thank you for the poke.


deb said...

wurstfest...man - you are tuggin at my heartstrings. (clogged heartstrings from eating all the good stuff!)

fell in love with the article about your ballerinas. it is good to see.

deb said...


someone needs to make a t-shirt
that says Wurstfest-EVER!