Friday, November 03, 2006

thank pank!

every year in october, i start getting phone calls for my vv ballerina paperdoll ornaments that were featured in a country living holiday magazine a few years ago. yes, other women save magazines like i do...and pull them out and get all psyched for the holidays all over again. i have made & sold hundreds of these.

this order was shipped out this week and the request was 'all light pink, please!', so thank pank, i did.

in a few weeks, V and i will be decorating her girly tree. i can't wait to take photos of it. actually, i need to make this year's ornaments and already have the idea.

it has been cooler for the past two days, which makes people excited about the hoildays around here. two days in a row seems to do the trick and it is amazing that we have already forgotten that on halloween it was up to eighty-eight. puhlease. that is how bad we south texans love the idea of autumn, sweaters, perhaps a fire and not sweating behind our knees.

one of the highlights of this week: one of my favorite students told me while i was trying to teach him how to knit in home ec "miss, i am not going to lie to you. when i first met you, i thought you were a freak from outer space...but you are one of the coolest people that i have ever met. you keep it real, miss." so, J, thank you for making my week...i will carry that in my freakish outerspacey heart forever, dude.


diane cook said...

How can I see your oranments (for sale)? These are so beautiful, and oh so girly!

fiwa said...

Yes, I second what Diane said! Let us know.

Freak from outer space? That is the bestest ever. Ever. Love it.

Scheherazaad said...

purty in pank! luv it!