Friday, November 10, 2006


if you keep looking for something, you will find it.

rolodexes are expensive at the office stores and i finally found one this week on a quick thriftfix. whooop, there it is! this thang is built like a buick and made back in the day that a rolodex came with a key. i had the best time looking through the old typed cards and then redoing it with mine.

hmmm, "makes doll bodies"... what would your card say?

over the weekend, i will be working on my site. it navigates fine on my computer but i have heard that some people cannot navigate it. i did manage to work on the boutique page this week and hope to redo it all this weekend. itz hard when you don't know what you are doing. :)

1 comment:

fiwa said...

Kewel! It's one of those big wheel ones, isn't it? I love those, I don't know why.

Isn't it satisfying to find something you've been pining for, without having to pay full price for it? And also to be able to say you saved something from a land-fill? Good thriftin'.