Wednesday, November 01, 2006


i couldn't get a nonblurry photo of the witch of the house last night (george, this is as good as i got.), but i did manage to catch an unstaged photo of miz velvetblack this afternoon on top of the last night's wig & hat.

1) it feels so good to be organized and creating again.
2) if i could marry frito pie, i would. i love it THAT much.
3) dots really are the best candy in the world.


fiwa said...

If that's V, I think she looks like a ghoulish Tina Turner. Lookit - can't you see her belting
out "Big wheel keep on turning..."

I am shugasick on sad, rejected kit-kats.

Jill O'Bryant said...

i found you somehow in this big bad blog world...:)
Scarlett would have been SO scared of VV. She went as Dorothy and even Cousin Beck's Scarecrow hat freaked her out for a minute until she figured out that it came off and he still had a fairly normal looking head. ha ha
as far as frito pie...brody is in love with it too. so much so, that i'm afraid if i bear him another child he will sneak off while i'm high on meds and change the birth cert. to Frito~
Jill O

jackie_o said...

Wait. DOTS?? Isn't that the candy I make fun of because it's GLUED to a piece of cardboard?
Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong thing. And what's Frito pie? Do I even want to know? lol

Scheherazaad said...

me thinks VV looks heavy metal a la Kiss.

- sugar sick on black licorice.