Sunday, October 29, 2006


as of late yesterday

just a few minutes ago this morning

up close & in the light

it has been one of those kind of weekends with time to actually
put away clean clothes & have the energy to keep checking on
the progress of this wee butterfly's comingout for the ball.

the studio is clean. special thanks to an analretentive princess
who loves to organize as much as i do. love you, chica.


fiwa said...

I came here to tell you this
so I could be sure you'd see it.
Having you as a friend rocks my
world. Thank you for your words. :)

And then there's the most incredible picture of an emerging butterfly to top it off! That is coolness in and of itself.

love & breadsticks,

Shannon said...

Wow! So cool!

deb said...

________________________________________________. speechless.

jackie_o said...

What a beautiful transformation. Thanks for sharing that girlie.

Anne said...

What amazing shots, Dawn - I love that light shining through.

Anonymous said...