Sunday, November 12, 2006



first of all, i want to thank a strangerdude named nhan who emailed me through flickr and said that my navigation was all wonky. i knew it was wonky (in my defense, it worked on my mac.) but i had no idea that it was so wonky that a virtual stranger would take the time to email me & inform me of its wonkiness. so, nhan, thank you.

this was my goal for the weekend to redo my site. imagemapping was not working on everyone's computers & i really had no idea how to fix it except to start all over. you know it is bad when you have files that are titled WTF?.doc, WTF?2.doc, WTF?3.doc and so on through WTF?12.doc...and you have been working for hours on it. okay, i cried a few times with real tears, but more like a pigletsquealfits.

well, i think that i can discard those freakin' files now. must go out & see what the world is about today...

(if in the event that my site does not navigate for you,
please wait five minutes before telling me.
this feels so good... but do tell me, okay?)


fiwa said...

It all works for me - I clicked through the links. It's gorgeous; you did an outstanding job! What's a few pigletsuqealfits when you have such an acheivement under your belt. ;)

Anne said...

Yes, it worked on my Mac, too (and the PC, come to think of it), but it's be-you-tiful now!

A bird in the hand said...

If you wait long enough, it will come. Kind of like your rolodex above. I've been checking your website for years, and now, finally, a boutique! I had no problem whatsoever navigating (I have a PC), and I will definitely stay tuned.

The ballerinas are very cute!