Saturday, September 23, 2006


well, i was working yesterday and got a call from sage. he wanted to come home & chill from the weekend. this is the first weekend home since he moved away and it has been wonderful. the 'freshman fifteen' pounds were lost and not gained, as predicted on yahoo news. he had forgotten his razor when he moved and of course that meant he was not suppose to shave, i suppose. time seems to be measured in facial hair, kitten growth, junque acquisition & sibling sprouting.

we all thrifted this morning looking for the perfect coffee cup (score!) for his new coffeemaker and then supplyshopped for the dorm. the kids are listening to music & i just got this shot in the garden. the garden really revived with the past rain and i think that the preautumn flush will be spectacular. i wish that you could see how many rosebuds that are about to pop. my nightblooming jasmine is about to bloom and even the sweet autumn clematis has changed my mind on her gardenhootchiemama status.

tonight will find us on a patio at la fogata with chicken mole in front of us and one of their margaritas in our hands.


fiwa said...

I'm so glad you had Sage home
for the weekend! Sounds like you enjoyed some good times together. :)

Anne said...

You can't post a pic of a rose and not name it! You know the rules... Sounds like you're going to have a spectacular show very soon :-)