Friday, September 29, 2006


this is obviously how you demand attention, the most serious attention of all...and another night around the firepit is just what i need after this week of work & life.

is it bad to need to clean & organize and i mean really need the process of it? i can't wait to have time to clean, fold clothes, do the yardwork & spread two yards of mulch...oh, and sleep in fresh sheets.

we would be probably infinitely cooler if we were vegetarians, but i cannot wait to sit around the firepit tonight, to have page home from business and to roast kielbasa sausages while we wish for another hit of autumn chill.


Scheherazaad said...

I have never heard that it was bad to need to clean and organize unless it is really compulsive and anal. Usually it is just a sign of needing a sense of control over your life. Today I finally got a chance to clean the floor of the master bedroom. We have one of those rooms where every step is an adventure. I found several "lost" books and papers. Now I will have to go elsewhere to trek.

remis velisque said...

Needing to clean is super allright. It always feels so good and leaves the brain fresh and fancy free, ready for creative stuffs!

Clean sheets are the best.. and firepits - mmmm with sausies! You have the formula for the good life, m'dear.